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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We believe in the freedom to read, learn and discover.

The Guelph Public Library benefits the entire community by providing lifelong learning opportunities.


Our Vision

The Guelph Public Library Board and staff envision a future where
  • Customers visit us regularly in person or from the comfort of their home
  • Your library card is well used because reading is a part of your daily life
  • You trust us when you need reliable information
  • You are proud of us and share the library’s story with friends and visitors
  • You believethe Guelph Public Library makes Guelph a better place to live


Our Values

The following values guide our decisions and actions:

Accessibility: we believe in making library services available to all
Accountability: by ensuring library services are efficient and fiscally responsible
Balance: we make decisions that balance the needs of customers and employees
Diversity: we gain strength from our differences
Excellence: we do whatever it takes to deliver excellent service
Innovation: we are constantly recalibrating and capitalizing on opportunities
Integrity: we support intellectual freedom and universal access to information
Lifelong learning: we believe in the power of information
Reading: we believe that our passion for reading and learning should be shared
Wellness: we contribute to a strong and healthy community


Our Customer Service Pledge

The Guelph Public Library Board and staff are dedicated to providing:

  • Welcoming, courteous, and efficient service
  • balanced and diverse collection that enriches, educates and entertains
  • community gathering place that celebrates culture and local history
  • Accurate and convenient information services


We define excellent customer service as:

  • Respecting our customers, partners and peers
  • Engaging in direct and prompt communications
  • Always smiling and saying thank you


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