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Every Gift Matters

Each gift to the Guelph Public Library, no matter the amount, has the power to improve, enrich, and transform lives.

Professor Emeritus outside “As a founding member, former Chair, and now Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Geography at the University of Guelph, I am a proud supporter of the Guelph Public Library. Since 1966, I have spent many hours conducting research at GPL with friendly assistance from numerous helpful staff. Their cooperation has enabled me to discover important information and has contributed to many academic papers and popular books about small towns in Canada. I now take advantage of the library’s excellent online catalogue to select books and order them for pick-up. The GPL is an extremely valuable resource and should be replaced with a new, modern facility as soon as possible. I have supported GPL with copies of my publications and cash donations during the last few years to Guelph Public Library’s Annual Campaign.” - Fred

Large or small, today or planned, one-time or on-going, all gifts make a huge difference in our organization, and in turn our community. Current gifts are vitally important and allow Guelph Public Library to provide essential public library service to the community on a daily basis, while planned and endowed gifts are also critical to ensuring the continued strength of GPL into the future. In addition, donations can be made towards the general support of our organization, or for specific projects like the Summer Reading Program, the Bookmobile campaign, or the new Main Library for example – whatever is important to you!

There are many ways to support the Guelph Public Library:

Three easy ways to give:

Canada Helps Donate over Phone Donate at a Library location
Click here to donate through a secure site Call 519-824-6220 and speak to our fundraiser to donate by phone Visit any library location to donate in person

You can also easily donate securities:

Donate Now Through!

Why give to GPL?

Some people choose to give to the library to ensure the quality of essential library services provided remains high. Others give because the library has been an instrumental source of enrichment in their lives. And others yet, give to support a collection, or perhaps a specific resource, or program - something they want to see flourish and grow into the future. No matter what season, age, or stage of life we are at, the library touches our lives at the most important times. And while there are many worthy causes, few organizations offer the life-long relationship and/or impact of your local library.

We ask for help because we have to.

Libraries of today face two common misconceptions: some people think public libraries are becoming obsolete, while others believe they are fully funded by government sources. In actuality, as technology fundamentally changes the way people use and access information, usage of our library and its resources has been steadily rising. In fact, GPL is the most widely used facility in the city. And, although we do receive vital government funding, it is not enough to meet all the needs of our customers.

Your donation makes a difference.

We are deeply grateful to all of our donors, sponsors, and benefactors for their contributions to the Guelph Public Library. Support from our donors and friends, has been a sustaining feature of many of the important programs and services that the library provides. Your personal philanthropy will help contribute to the sustainability and stability of the library. Every gift is making a real difference in allowing us to provide unparalleled access to lifelong learning opportunities as well as the freedom to read, learn, and discover to members of the community. GPL provides a broad range of programs and services for people of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom would otherwise not have access to these valuable resources. Donations to the library help us to continue to provide not only essential, but also excellent public library service now and into the future for the entire Guelph community. Your contribution means so much to so many! Thank you for considering this opportunity to help raise funds for this important community organization.

Your gift is tax deductible.

Guelph Public Library has registered charitable status (charitable registration number 889091245 RR0001). Online donations through our secure site will be automatically receipted. For donations made by telephone, mail and/or in-person, a tax receipt will be mailed when the accumulated donation by the donor reaches $20 in any calendar year.

Our strengths as a library and community hub are greatly enhanced by friends and community members like yourself, who choose to support us.

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