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Browse and check out popular titles from your library.You can browse the shelves that your library set up by category or you can use the filter button to filter by genre. Easily transfer e-books to your e-reader or mobile device. Use the 3M Cloud Library PC Software to transfer e-books to your Nook Simple Touch or Kobo eReader. You can also download and read books on your computer.Take notes and create bookmarks.If you'd like to take notes while reading or bookmark your spot, simple click the small box at the top right hand side of the screen to open a spot to jot down your notes and create your own bookmark.

French collection

Archambault French eBooks

This French-language collection expands upon GPL’s already broad selection of ebooks. It is based in Quebec and showcases home-grown Quebecois content in addition to French-language editions of English literature. Click here for the English login page.

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