The Guelph Public Library, in partnership with Vocamus Writers Community, is thrilled to announce the results and achievements of this year’s Teen ETCH Short Story Contest. This annual creative arts contest for teens in grades 7 through 12 provides opportunities for Guelph’s youth to express their thoughts and connect to their community through the power of storytelling. This year’s theme was ‘viral.’

Each winner received a Downtown Guelph gift certificate and is published in our ETCH 2022 Anthology.

The Library appreciates the continued support of the Vocamus Writers Community and Vocamus Press. All teen finalists were connected with a local author mentor, who worked with the teens to strengthen their writing skills. Thank you to this year’s mentors for volunteering your time and sharing your writing tips with Guelph’s youth: Phil Andrews, James Clarke, Nikki Everts, J. E. Hewitt, Montaha Hidefi, Jeremy Luke Hill, Daved M. Muttart, Catherine Reilly, Corrie Shoemaker, Bieke Stengos, Marian Thorpe and Carol Dilworth.

A special thank you to Maria Stengos Camamert (Vocamus Writers Community ETCH Anthology Coordinator) and Jeremy Luke Hill (Editor and Managing Director of Vocamus Press).

Enjoy reading this year’s ETCH 2022 Anthology by purchasing your own copy at the Main Library – second floor - for $20 each or 2 for $30 and keep on celebrating Guelph’s talented and creative youth! 

And the winners are…

Cover Art: Sadie Henry

Grades 7 to 8:

First Place: “The Book Carrier” by Alexis Jurchuk
Second Place: “Inoculation Challenge” by Piper Addison Caporicci
Third Place: “The Tale of Porcelain Throne” by Olivia Wang

Grades 9 to 10:

First Place: “The Livestream” by Paisley Thomason
Second Place: “Emma and Lilah” by Lily Bitton
Third Place: “A Broken Promise” by Ailish O’Donnell

Grades 11 to 12:

First Place: “Loved” by Athavi Nishaanthan
Second Place: “Statement” by Pearl Aalbers-Davey
Third Place: “I Spy” by Aisha Zubair

Short Story Honourable Mentions:

“Sunlight in a Jar” by Hiba Khan
“The Desmariate Virus” by Eden Muller
“The Fallacy of Joy” by Mabel Taiwo
“Corona Virus Blues” by Hana Maherali-Caruso

Congratulations to all ETCH 2022 authors!

For more information:
Meg Forestell-Page, Guelph Public Library Supervisor of Community Engagement


2021 Teen ETCH

Cover Art: Clark Kurtz Favero


Grades 7 to 8 Winners

First Place: “Welcome to the Island” by Olivia Gyuran
Second Place: “Injected” by Kaelin Caporicci
Third Place: “Emerald Island” by Paisley Thomason


Grades 9 to 10 Winners

First Place: “Monster” by Athavi Nishaanthan

Second Place: “World in a Box of Matches” by Joseph Schuurman
Third Place:“Sunshine” by Sadie Pattison

Grades 11 to 12 Winners

First Place: “Windward” by Bea Aalbers-Davey
Second Place: “We are Many” by Aluki Chupik-Hall
Third Place: “Rules for the Road when Travelling Europe” by Darcy Tyrrell


Honourable Mentions

“The Chase” by Katelyn Heyboer
“Goodbye” by Leah Symons

2020 Teen ETCH

Cover Art Winners:

Bronwen Lee for "Summer"
Jiansen Zhang for "Untitled"


Grades 7 to 8 Winners

First Place: "Before the Sunrise" by Desmond Bradshaw
Second Place: "Just Around the Bend" by Mirren Litchfield
Third Place: "Twisted" by Jessie Witherspoon


Grades 9 to 10 Winners

First Place: "Him" by Athavi Nishaanthan
Second Place: "Breathe" by Melia Tessel
Third Place: "Chlorine and Other Constants" by Beatrix Aalbers-Davey


Grades 11 to 12 Winners

First Place: "Smokes on the Water" by Catherine McCulloch
Second Place: "Lavender Perfume" by Katie Gaskin
Third Place: "The Surface of the Sun" by Aluki Chupik-Hall

Honourable Mentions

"Dark" by Zechariah Nasir
"Here She Lies" by Luka Jamieson
"Lights Out" by Sadie Pattison
"At the Edges" by Alex Petrie
"The Leather Jacket" by Molly Griesbach
"Sand Dollar" by Maeve Brennagh



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