Library Cards, Borrowing and Fees

Visit any Guelph Public Library location or register online to get a library card.

How to get a card:

  • Show identification with your name and address
  • Guelph property owners should show proof of ownership
  • Children under age 13 must be with their parent to get a card

What you can do with your library card:

  • Borrow library materials
  • Request materials from other library systems through our Interlibrary Loans Department
  • Download eBooks, eAudiobooks, movies and music
  • Search our eResources
  • Register for programs
  • Access library computers

If you do not live in Guelph

You can get a free Reciprocal Borrowing membership if you have a library card at Cambridge Public Library or Wellington Public Library.  Please show identification with your name and address along with your Cambridge or Wellington County Library Card. Non-resident memberships cost $50 for six months or $100 for one year.

Lost or stolen cards

If you lose your card, contact the library immediately. You are responsible for items borrowed on your card before the library is notified of your card's loss. To get a new card, bring your identification to any library location. There is a replacement card cost of $2.00.


The default password is the last 4 digits of your library card number. You can change the default password online to your own secure password by logging in to your account.


For specific due dates, you can check your account online.

General loan periods are below.
Item borrowedLoan period
Audiobooks 3 weeks
Binoculars 3 weeks
Book Club Set 4 weeks
Books 3 weeks
Compact discs 3 weeks
DVD & Blu-ray 1 week
Kill a watt power meter 3 weeks
Magazines 3 weeks
Mobile hotspots (no renewals) 1 week
Pedometer 4 weeks
Quick Pick books (no renewals) 1 week
Quick Pick DVD (no renewals) 2 days
Speck air quality monitor 1 week
Video Games 1 week
View-Master® Virtual Reality Headset 1 week

Renew your library materials

Renew your items to avoid overdue fines!

You can renew items up to 3 times unless there is a request placed by another borrower.

How to renew:

  • In person at any library location
  • Phone 519-824-6220
  • Email
  • Renew online. Log in with your library card number and password (default password is the last 4 digits of your library card number)
  • Self-checkout stations at Main Library, West End, Westminster and Bullfrog Libraries


You may choose from email, automated phone message or text messaging for your library notices.

Delivery Schedule of notices
Notice TypeFormatDelivery Schedule
Hold pickup notice Email/text 6 a.m. next day
Hold pickup notice Phone call Same day (after 12 noon)
Almost overdue courtesy Email 2 days before due (3 days between notices)
Overdue notice Email/phone/text 14 days overdue
Replacement item Mailed letter 45 days overdue
Fines notice Mailed letter 14 days after fines exceed $10
Referral to Collection Agency Mailed letter 30 days after fines exceed $100

Overdue fines

Items returned late are subject to overdue fines. While fines exceed $10.00, borrowing privileges are suspended.

Adult Collection
Item TypeAdult Collection
Audiobooks 0.30/day -- $9 max
Binoculars 0.30/day -- $9 max
Book Club Set (per book) 0.30/day -- $9 max
Books 0.30/day -- $9 max
Compact Discs 0.30/day -- $9 max
DVD & Blu-ray 1.00/day -- $10 max
Kill a watt power meter 0.30/day -- $9 max
Magazines 0.30/day -- $6 max
Mobile hotspots (no renewals) 2.00/day -- $10 max
Pedometer 0.30/day -- $9 max
Quick Pick books (no renewals) 0.60/day -- $9 max
Quick Pick DVD (no renewals) 2.00/day - $10 max
Speck Air Quality Monitor 1.00/day -- $10 max
Video Games 1.00/day --$10 max
View-Master® Virtual Reality Headset 1.00/day -- $10 max
Children's Collection
Item TypeChildren's Collection
Audiobooks 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
Books 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
Compact Discs 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
DVD & Blu-ray 1.00/day --$10 max
Magazines 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
Video Games 1.00/day -- $10 max

Outstanding accounts and collection

The library uses a collection agency to recover outstanding accounts exceeding $100.00 for more than 30 days.

Lost items

Items that are 45 days overdue are considered lost. The library will mail the cardholder a bill including the cost of the item and a processing fee (which includes your overdue fines).

Adult Collection

Processing Fees 
Item typeReplacement CostProcessing fee Adult Collection
Audiobooks varies $12
Binoculars $200 $12
Book Club Set to go varies $12
Books varies $12
Compact Discs varies $12
DVD & Blu-ray varies $15
Kill a watt power meter $25 $12
Magazines varies $6
Mobile hotspots $200 $15
Pedometer $24.95 $12
Quick Pick books (no renewals) varies $12
Quick Pick DVD (no renewals) varies $15
Speck Air Quality Monitor $200 $12
Video Games varies $15
View-Master® Virtual Reality Headset $25 $12

Children's Collection

Processing Fees 
Item typeReplacement CostProcessing fee Children's Collection
Audiobooks varies $6
Books varies $6
Compact Discs varies $6
DVD varies $15
Magazines varies $5
Mobile hotspots $200 $15
Video Games varies $15

Items returned incomplete or with missing parts

Any multi-part item returned incomplete is subject to replacement costs and processing fees on your account.

Damaged items

Items returned in damaged condition are subject to a replacement cost and processing fee of $5.00 (does not include overdue fines).

Lost or damaged CD or DVD case or library barcode are $1.00 each.


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