Summer Reading Club

The fun begins on June 13, 2022!

Venture into magical realms where fantastic creatures roam and anything can (and will) happen. Discover the power of stories and storytelling to entertain and illuminate important lessons. Be enchanted by fairy and folk tales, old and new and from far and wide, as you journey through suspenseful twists and turns.

Whatever the stories may be, they are bound to inspire you to imagine and even tell your own story!

It’s easy to participate! Here’s how:


TD Children's Reading Club

Step One:

Any child from birth to 12 years old can join! Drop by any library location to receive your summer reading club package. There are two children’s summer reading programs available:

  • Pre-reader (birth to 5 years)Logo: TD Summer ReadClub. Four books stacked on top of each other with each word from "TD Summer Reading Club" placed inside the page portion of the book.
  • Reader (6 to 12 years)

Step Two:

Visit to register your child with their web access code found in your reading club package. Create an online account. Note: You will need this web access code each time you log in.

Step Three:

Read. Record. Repeat! Start reading together as a family or read to an animal or independently - anything and anywhere! Record your reading online and enjoy extra online activities at and/or fill out the paper reading log form included in your summer reading package. 

Pre-Reader Summer Reading Log
 Image of the Pre-Reader reading log. Page has various shapes that can be coloured in.
Reader Summer Reading Log
Image of the Reader Reading Log. Image is of a three book shelves that have the spines of books displayed. Each spine can be coloured.

Step Four:

Have Fun! Record your reading online and/or hand in your print reading logs to any library location before September 5, 2022 for a chance to win some prizes at the end of summer! Reading logs will become available June 13, 2022.


Teen & Adult Summer BINGO Challenge

To play, Teens and Adults should read books in the categories provided to earn a BINGO – either completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. BINGO cards will become available to pick-up or print on June 13, 2022.

Participants should write down the books they read on the back of the card, then return the bingo card to any library location or digitally to before September 5, 2022.

Teen & Adult Summer BINGO Card
 Image of a bingo chart that includes book-themed squares. There is a purple centre square that is a free space.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be a Guelph resident to join our summer reading programs?
No, you do not need to be a Guelph resident to join any of our summer reading programs. However, if the participant’s name is drawn for our end of summer prizes, they would need to be able to pick up the prize from one of our library locations.
Are our Reading Programs available in both English and French? 
The online platform for the Children’s Reading Club is available this year in both English and French – including the activities and online eBooks. All the pre-reader and reader booklets are offered in both English and French. Go to then click on the Français tab at the top right of the screen. The website will change to French.
What counts as reading materials?

Participants can read anything and anywhere they choose. They may have someone read to them or choose to listen to an audiobook as well!

When should participants hand in their printed reading logs or bingo cards?

Printed reading logs (filled as much as the reader can) or bingo cards (at least one horizontal, vertical or diagonal line) can be submitted whenever the participant chooses to. Multiple reading logs can be entered. They can be dropped off at any library location or they can choose to email a picture of their reading log to Deadline for submission is Monday, September 5, 2022.

Do participants have to submit printed reading logs for the Childrens’ Summer Reading Club?
No, participants can choose to do a completely online component at
Do participants need a web access code to register for the TD Summer Reading club website?

Yes, children will require a web access code to register for an account. They can use the code on their web access sticker found in their summer reading club booklet. It is located on the inside of the front cover or they can generate a code on the website at the point of online registration.

Note: Participants can complete online activities without registering, however they will not be able to save their progress and will not collect badges.

What if a participant loses their web access code? Can they get a new one?

When kids lose their access code, they will need to start a new online account on the TD Summer Reading Club website. The child will need to request a new code through the TD Summer Reading Club website when they register. Unfortunately, both the library and the TD Summer Reading Club are unable to retrieve web access codes at this time and we do not have any extra web codes to hand out.
Is the web access code required every time children log on or is it needed just to set up their account? 

Yes. Children will need to enter their web access code each time they login.

What if a participant requires accessible materials?
  • Children’s Reading Club: Families can easily print or view or listen to these accessible materials by visiting and clicking on the accessibility tab.
  • Teen and Adult Reading Club: Please send a request to for any accessibility requests. 

Can I complete more than one line on a BINGO card? 

Most definitely! Multiple cards can be submitted – especially if the participant is doing a lot of reading!

Library Trivia: We have only had three adults ever finish the whole bingo card in the past 5 years!

When are prizes announced?  

Prizes will be drawn at the end of the reading club by a random generator. Chances of winning is dependent on the number of completed entries received. Winners will be notified by mid-September.

There will be 20 pre-reading and reading prizes along with 5 teen and adult prizes valued at approximately $25 each.

Can children participate in the Summer Reading Club and the Read 1,000 Books before Grade One simultaneously?

Absolutely! We highly encourage readers who have not started Grade One to participate in both programs. The time you spend reading counts towards both reading goals! Learn more about the Read 1,000 Books before Grade One program.



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