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How do I?

How Do I...

Check my account?

There is a link at the top right of all pages on our website to "My Account" from which you can check your due dates and fines, renew items, or change your PIN.

From within the catalogue, you may click on the My Account tab to access your account.

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We appreciate your choice to support the Guelph Public Library. There are many ways you can contribute to the continued success and well-being of the library, including financial support, joining the Friends of the Library, volunteering, or making a donation of materials.

If you would like to make a donation of used books, CDs or DVDs, they may be dropped off at any library location. Donated items may be added to our collection as per our Collection Development Policy. Material that we are unable to add to our collection may be sold at the Friends Annual Book Sale, or on our book sale carts within the library. Proceeds from these sales directly benefit the library.

Material in poor condition, dated items, or textbooks, cannot generally be added to our collection and often cannot be sold through the book sale.

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Get a library card?

A Library card is your entry point to all of the resources, programs and services at the Guelph Public Library. In addition to borrowing library materials, a library card allows you to download eBooks and eAudiobooks, search our digital resources, register for programs, and much more.

To sign up for a card, visit any Guelph Public Library location. Alternatively you can register for a GPL library card online. Library memberships are free of charge for anyone who lives in or owns property in Guelph. If you do not live in Guelph you can get a free Reciprocal Borrowing membership if you have a library card at Cambridge Public Library or Wellington County Library. Please show identification with your name and address along with your Cambridge or Wellington County Library Card. Non-resident memberships cost $50 for six months or $100 for one year.

Library cards are available for a fee to other non-residents . The current fee for a family membership is $50 for six months or $100 for a twelve months.

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Lost or stolen library card?

If your library card or key tag is lost or stolen, please contact the library immediately by phone, in person, or by e-mail to prevent unauthorized use of your card. You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card before the library is notified of your card's loss. There is a $2.00 fee for a replacement card which may be obtained at any library location.

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Pay a Fine?

Library materials can be borrowed free of charge as long as they are returned by their due date.

If items are returned late, fines are charged and can be paid at any library location. Lost and damaged items are also subject to charges for the value of the item plus processing fees.

The methods of payments we accept are debit, cash and Visa.

New to the GPL, customers can now pay their fines online with a credit card.

User Fees & Service Charges

Non-Resident Memberships - 6 months $50.00
Non-Resident Memberships -12 months $100.00
Temporary Memberships Limit of 2 Items
Replacement Library Cards $2.00
Reserve or Hold Not Picked Up $0.00
Inter-Library Loan No charge*
Photocopies $0.15 per copy
Microfilm Copies $0.25 per copy
Computer Printing $0.15 per sheet
Extensive Information Research $30 per hour
Lost or Damaged A/V or DVD Case $1.00
Lost or Damaged Barcode $1.00
Borrowing Without Library Card** $1.00
Internet Use Without Library Card** $1.00
**Identification must be shown.

Overdue Fines

There is a charge applied to any item kept past its due date. In extreme cases, it is Library Board policy to use the services of a collection agency to recover outstanding accounts. For your information, the fee schedule :

Item Type
Adult Collection
Children's Collection
Books 0.30/day -- $9 max 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
Quick Pick Books 0.60/day -- $9 max 0.60/day -- $9 max
Magazines 0.30/day -- $6 max 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
Books-on-Tape/CD 0.30/day -- $9 max 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
Compact Discs 0.30/day -- $9 max 0.15/day -- $5.00 max
DVD's 1.00/day -- $10 max 1.00/day -- $10 max
Quick Pick DVD's 2.00/day -- $10 max 2.00/day -- $10 max
eReaders 1.00/day -- $10 max 1.00/day -- $10 max
Playaways 0.30/day -- $9 max 0.15/day -- $5 max
Playaway Views 1.00/day -- $10 max 1.00/day -- $10 max
Video Games 1.00/day -- $10 max 1.00/day -- $10 max
Mobile Hotspot 2.00/day -- $10 max 2.00/day -- $10 max


Lost Items

Library items not returned within 45 days of the initial due date will automatically be assumed lost.  Handling fees for lost items (listed below), include overdue fines and will be added to the cost of the item.

Item Type
Adult Collection
Children's Collection
Books $12.00 $6.00
Magazines $6.00 $5.00
Books-on-Tape/CD $12.00 $6.00
Compact Discs $12.00 $6.00
DVD's $15.00 --
eReaders $15.00 --
Playaways $12.00 $6.00
Playaway Views $15.00 $15.00
Mobile Hotspot $15.00 --

Damaged Items

The handling fee for each damaged item (not including fines ) is $5.00.  This will be added to the replacement cost of the item.

If outstanding fines exceed $10.00, borrowing privileges will be suspended until fines are paid.

Reserves and Holds

If an item you wish to borrow is currently signed out, you can place the item on reserve. This can be done using our in-house catalogue terminals or from home using our web-based catalogue. You will be notified by automated phone call or email when your reserved item has arrived.

Inter-Library Loans

* The Library no longer charges for the processing of Inter-Library Loan requests. However, borrowers using this service should be aware that lending libraries may impose a charge. You will be asked if you are willing to pay and to what amount, before the Inter-Library Loan request is sent. You will be notified as soon as your requested item has arrived.

Extensive Information Research

Charges for extended searches begin at $30 per hour. Requests for answers to complex information queries should be discussed with the CEO - Steven Kraft. He will provide an estimate of all related charges prior to commencing research.

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Renew an Item?

The Guelph Public Library allows up to 3 renewals per item. Renewals are not allowed on items requested by other borrowers.

Renewals may be done in person at any library location, by phone at 519-824-6220, or by e-mail at

Items may also be renewed online through the My Account tab:
  • Library Card: type in the numbers of your library card barcode
  • Password: type in your four digit PIN number(default PIN is the last 4 digits of your library card #)
  • Select the Items Out tab
  • Check the box beside the items you would like to renew
  • Click on Renew Selected Items (bottom of page)
  • If an item is not eligible for renewal, a message will be displayed informing you the item is not renewed

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Request for Reconsideration of Library Material

Material Information:

Personal Information:

Send it back to the staff selection official for re-evaluation.

much Get a New Word

Library card

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Sign up for home delivery?

Our Visiting Library Service provides home delivery to any Guelph resident unable to come to the library due to illness or disability.

Library staff will select books and other materials for you according to your reading tastes or you may request specific items. A volunteer to deliver your material will be assigned to you upon request.

To learn more about our Visiting Library Service, please contact the Information Department at 519-824-6220.

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